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Softshell Crab Meat Consumption

Seafood lovers all over the world appreciate crab meat for the tasty dishes it produces, but not all of them know that it is one of the healthiest foods you could ever purchase for your consumption. One of the rising stars in the crab world are softshell crabs as they hold all the flavor of the usual crab without the entire process of having to remove the meat from its sharp, hard shell.

It contains an impressively low caloric content without sacrificing your body’s need for protein, vitamin B, and all other minerals vital to its well-being. But a thing to be considered for those who may have heart disease or at risk in acquiring them is the kind of crab and serving size prior to consumption. There are some kinds of crabs with higher contents of sodium and cholesterol than its relatives and that is surely a red flag for you. But don’t worry, that is as far as the risks go, since crab meat is amazingly low in caloric content and considered lean meat. A surefire way to keep those calorie numbers down is to skip or minimize the amount of cream or butter sauce that you pour unto your sumptuous crab meal. If you think that’s iffy then take note of this: melted butter, even just a tablespoon of it, will add a shocking addition of one hundred calories to the innocent softshell crab dish that you’re having, largely due to saturated fat.

Softshell crab meat is one of the top choices in the market, as we conveyed at the beginning of this article. It is recommended by the U.S Department of Agriculture that people must consume 0.8 g of protein for every kilogram of their body weight. Taking that information to application, you will need an everyday intake of 43.63 g of protein if you have a body weight of 54.5 kilograms or 120 pounds. That may sound like a tall order, but a single cup of softshell crab meat will send it skyrocketing with a protein content of 24.14 g, roughly 55 percent of your daily protein requirement.

Furthermore, somewhere from 80 to 85 percent of the calories contained in softshell crabs are sourced from protein, while the remaining percentage comes from fat and carbohydrates.

To some people, regular consumption of softshell crabs could seem dangerous to their health. But it is a good thing that you’ve stumbled upon this article that proves consumption of softshell crab meat does not put you in danger. So now, if we’ve fueled your cravings and you’re looking for softshell crabs for sale, visit Crab Dynasty and shop here for the best and freshest products you’ll find!

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